egyptian group for manufacturing

We are the Egyptian Group Company pioneers in the field of import and trade of household appliances.
Our company was established in the year 2002 where our experience in this field is close to twenty years, and thanks to this experience we are sufficiently familiar with the quality of the product; therefore the company went to manufacturing to keep pace with economic reforms and industry development and encourage the Egyptian product and the emergence of global competitive quality competing with Chinese and Turkish products.
We are experts who are able, with God's help, to transform our goals and the needs of the market into a tangible reality that everyone attests to its efficiency and quality.
Our products won the admiration of our customers, and their admiration was a fuel for the team work in our factory to more success and progress so that we were able to achieve in a short time a good reputation in the field of plastic household appliances, and our leading company obtained the international and Egyptian ISO certificates in quality and environment and the company participated In several exhibitions in the African market, the company has exported to the countries of Morocco, Sudan, Chad, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and the company seeks to export to the Arab Gulf market and European markets and the company does not forget to offer thanks and gratitude to its employees and everyone who contributed to this success from my hands Egypt, which the Chinese were dazzled and witnessed to them with their competence in making the company's products