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Our company was established in the year 2002 where our experience in this field is close to twenty years, and thanks to this experience we are sufficiently familiar with the quality of the product

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plot 192 near the Eastern Smoke, 6th of October. Egypt

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based on our constant concern to develop the skills of our employees
egyptian group for manufacturing .

News Date: 2019-11-06

The Egyptian Company for Manufacturing and Exporting Plastic is keen to provide the finest types of plastic products as it works to provide a stimulating work environment that is always focused on the customer and aims to satisfy him, and based on our constant concern to develop the skills of our employees we always strive to provide training for them to acquaint them with the latest technologies and the latest updates in the plastic world Agricultural in addition to continuously monitoring their performance and communicating with them in a work environment characterized by cooperation and motivation. Within the framework of our belief in our responsibility towards society and its members, we pay special attention to providing the largest possible job opportunities for young people with different educational qualifications.

Arafa Company for plastic Manufacturing